We bake and distribute the very best artisan Challah, English Muffins, bread, and bagels at OMG Bakery. You can purchase our Challah, English Muffins, and bread online and shop locally for all of our products.


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Challah Bread Raisin (2 loaves)


Raisin Challah bread. Two loaves.


Traditionally eaten on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, Challah is a leavened egg bread that’s braided and brushed with egg wash to produce a glossy, golden crust. Soft and tender, we make it according to tradition with whole eggs, canola oil and a touch of honey for a hint of sweetness. Use it to make sandwiches or the best-ever French toast, or enjoy it on its own pulled apart or sliced.   We are so sure you will love our Challah we send you two.  One for eating and one for sharing.  Our Challah is Kosher Pareve. Enjoy!

OMG is a NUT FREE facility
Our products are all made with Non-GMO ingredients


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